A rotating banner on the main site of your ecommerce store cathes the eye of the visitors and draws their attention to the current sales and offers. We provide a solution to you even if you need a multi-language site and/ or want to let the customers pay in different currencies.

You can place your latest products or the best seller ones, and even the special offers on the main site of your webshop. Your social media presence on Közösségia média- Facebook- Webáruház and Közöscan be strenghtened by special modules.

On delivery of your ecommerce store we also supply you with a manual by the help of which you can modify and moderate your online store. The number of products and categories is unlimited.

Webshop készítés, professzionális webáruház

The design of your ecommerce store can be different if required, the image is only an illustration.

E-commerce store - Product page

The images uploaded to the image galery can be zoomed. A product video from Youtube termékvideó beágyazása a webshopba can be embedded into the detailed product description. Featured product modul can be switched on to the product page.

You can add different product sizes, colours, memory capacity or any other parameter to the product which can be chosen before the product is added to the basket. Your store manages it even in the case the sizes or other product parameters differ in price. 

Customers can review and / or rate products on your wish.

Webáruház készítés, webshop készítés

The design of your ecommerce store can be different if required, the image is only an illustration.

Webshop - For downloadable products


This ecommerce store is suitable for selling MP3 music, audio materials, e-books and any other downloadable products - the customer gets the purchased material in the store only after payment.

Webáruház letölthető anyagok forgalmazására Webáruház letölthető mp3 forgalmazására Webáruház letölthető e-könyvek, oktatóanyagok  forgalmazására Webshop for downloadable products Webáruház letölthető filmek forgalmazására
PDF docs MP3 music, mp3 audio materials E-books, 
Photos, pictures Films, videos, tutorial videos


Webáruház - Online payment, offline payment

There are different payment opportunities:

Ecommerce store - online payment system Bank transfer Webshop - ecommerce store - pay by bank transfer Webshop - cash on delivery
Postal money order
Cash on delivery
PayPal Webshop - Paypal fizetési lehetőség
Online bankcard payment: Webáruház készítés- online bankkártyás fizetés: Visa, Maestro, AmEx
Visa, Maestro, American express
Moneybookers Webáruház készítés - Moneybookers - online fizetés


Webshop - Admin area

Webáruház - kupon rendszer Webáruház - küldjön emailt vásárlóinak Termék áfa területenként beállítható a webáruházban Webáruház statisztika Webáruház szállítás Webáruház raktárkészlet nyilvántartás
You can give  discount, free  delivery coupons to your  loyal customers Send emails and newsletters to your customers - you can specify customer groups in the admin area Different tax classes can be set to products Track different statistics: monitor your sale and see how many times a product is viewed Set delivery fees per products or based on weight - there is also a free delivery option Your ecommerce store has an automated inventory control system



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